The importance of being organised


So many decision to make… How often should our library post on each of out platforms… hourly, daily, monthly? What time of the day should we post? Should we post more on Facebook than Twitter? What are we going to post about?  What is important… what needs more attention than our cat YouTube videos?!

Reading this has probably put you off using social media at your library as it sounds like a lot of hard work and time for what!?  There are two simple words that will help you with this… “get organised!”  By creating a simple social media calendar, in conjunction with a social media policy for your library, you will be able to organise your social media, have clear guidelines on your postings and all with very little effort.

Yes creating your calendar and policy might take a bit of time, but once you have these in place it’s smooth sailing!

A social media calendar can be as simple as a wall planner with all of your events and happenings that are on in your library.  Your policy can then lay out the library’s guidelines for posting on social media.  Your policy should include things like copyright, how staff should conduct themselves on social media (really important if there is more than one staff member posting), what the library can and can’t post about, how the library will reply to comments and handle unsavoury messages.

Here are some great examples of social media policy’s from large companies:

Everyone loves a template… why reinvent the wheel!

We would love to hear from library’s that have a either a social media calendar or policy or both and let us know what works and what doesn’t work.


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