Content, content, content!

bird-287109_1920So much to share, so little time!

The wonderful thing about public libraries is that you you can pretty much post about anything (within reason!).  You have such a huge array of subjects that you can blog, Tweet, Facebook about, create wonderful Pinterest boards and interesting Instagram photos or videos.

So when it comes to ideas for posts, the world is your oyster!  However, therein lies the problem.  Posting about anything and everything at anytime can be the possible downfall of  your social media empire.  You need to manage your content, ideally with a Social Media Content Strategy.  Here you need to think hard about the content you are putting up and start asking yourself:

  • Who is our target audience?
  • What kind of content do we want to post (and what works best) on each of our platforms?
  • Do we need to start planning our social media calendar for the year? (Check out our blog post on social media calendars to see what this involves).

Having some form of structure to your posts will not only give your content relevancy and direction, but will also make it easier to manage.  For example, if you have regular events in the library, make sure you advertise on the same platforms, on the same day every week.  You can go one step further and look at what time of day is best for posting on each of your platforms:

Or you can look at your analytics of your platform… what time of day is your audience most active?

So I think after you have done all of that you are ready for a very large G&T! Yes I know it takes time, and probably time you feel that you don’t have to spare, but I think it is definitely time well spent and you will hopefully reap the rewards with increased traffic not only to your social media platforms, but also to your library.


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