Hootsuite for social media management


If your library is going to get serious about social media, it’s essential that you use a good social media management tool. Hootsuite and Buffer are two of the most well known platforms. They both are free to use on a basic level but do offer offer more options in their premium packages.

Social media management tools like this allow you to monitor your different social channels, schedule content, assign tasks to team members and check analytics, all in one place.

I personally love Hootsuite best. After trying Buffer, Tweetdeck and then Hootsuite, it won by a landslide. The user interface is easy to navigate and organise which is a major plus when trying to coordinate multiple platforms. The Hootsuite team are also super responsive and helpful in dealing with any problems or queries you may have.

The thing I like most about Hootsuite are the scheduling and analytics reporting features. You can create custom reports and get them sent to you every month. This is so handy and makes my life a lot easier come monthly report time! You can also schedule as many tweets as you like ahead of time. This is great for promoting upcoming events or reminding followers about public holidays.

If you have any social media management tools you use and love, comment below-we’d love to hear your recommendations!


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