5 ways to use Pinterest in a school library


Pinterest is a fantastic tool for school librarians. Here are 5 ideas for using it in your school library:

  1. Create genre boards to aid in readers advisory. You could create an adventure board, true story board, books similar to Geronimo Stilton board and so on.
  2. Use it to find inspiration for displays. As well as beautiful images, Pinterest also has some great DIY ideas.
  3. Make a social media board and pin any tips and tricks you want to try with your library social media account
  4. If  all the kids at school are studying a certain topic, why not create a board full of resources for them to use?
  5. Pinterest has a function where you can make a board secret. This is super handy for planning events, or prepping a board that you’re not quite ready to make public yet. The social media board idea I mentioned above would also be a great candidate for a secret board as it is something that is not strictly relevant to the students/teachers/parents.

I hope you found these ideas helpful, and please let me know if you have any other ideas or experiences you’d like to share.


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