Why do you need a social media strategy?


Before you leap into using social media you need to ask yourself why are you using social media in the first place?  It is fear of missing out?  Are you doing it just because everyone else is?

You first need a plan of attack!  Having a social media strategy gives you a clear reason why you are using social media, especially when justifying the use of your social media platform to higher levels of management.

For this strategy you need to ask yourself:

  • Who is our target audience?
  • What social media platform do our target audience already use?
  • What platform(s) are we going to use?
  • What are our goals for the year ahead?

Having these goals will not only give you direction, but all keep you motivated.  For example at the end of last year CPIT Library’s Promotions and Communications team had the goal of reaching 300 likes on our library Facebook page, then 400 for this year (Which we have already excelled!).

A great way of establishing your goals is to have a social media calendar.  Here are some great resources on social media calendars to get you started:

Here are some resources to get you going on you social media strategy:


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