Social Media Checklist


A short checklist to keep you on track and inspired… hope you find it useful:

Things to ask yourself…

  • What message(s) are you trying to communicate?
    • Library updates
    • Interaction with your students
    • Telling stories/writing articles
    • Readers Advisory
    • Promotion of events
  • What is your demographic?
  • Why are you using social media?
    • To provide another level of service for your students?
    • As a staff resource?
    • As a marketing tool?
  • What social media platform are your students mostly using?
    • Facebook?
    • Instagram?
    • Snapchat?
    • YouTube?
  • Does your school have a social media or communications strategy?

Professional development

  • Suggested platforms
    • Feedly-a website that pulls all the websites you want to keep up to date with into one platform.
    • Twitter lists
    • Facebook
    • Blogs
  • It’s ok to lurk!
    • Find what platform is right for you
    • Don’t feel the pressure to use a certain platform just because everyone else is.


  • Have fun
  • The three S’s: Setup, Strategise and Schedule
  • Use more than one platform together
  • Use humour
  • Build connections with parents/caregivers
  • Use social media for networking
  • Use social media for marketing
  • Remember to use #hashtags
  • Use social media to collaborate with other staff
  • Think outside the box for social media platforms
  • If stuck…post cat videos!

PDF: SocialMediaChecklist

Creative Commons License
Social Media Checklist by Happy Days Librarian is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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