Should school libraries be using social media?



Social media can be used in many, many, many different ways in your school library….

  • You could use social media to collaborate with other staff. Tools like Google Docs enable you to share and edit documents with other staff. This can be very useful when working on an ongoing project-in fact Julia and I used Google Docs to write our presentation for SLANZA and LIANZA conference.
  • SurveyMonkey is another awesome tool for gathering data. It’s free and very simple to use. The Digital Resources Librarian at Julia’s library used SurveyMonkey to create an assessment of staff’s technical abilities which she then analysed. Julia then used the results to target areas where staff need upskilling.  
  • Can build connections with parents and caregivers especially with the use of Facebook
  • You could use Snapchat for a book treasure hunt around the library!
  • Use Pinterest to create boards around topics that are being taught in class.
  • Twitter is great for making quick, short, snappy announcement such as when the Internet is down, the library is closed, events coming up etc.
  • Create “How do I…” guides for the students to learn how to use the library’s resources using video and publish them on YouTube.

This list is never-ending… use your imagination, push the boundaries and make social media work for you.

Here are some more ideas and inspiration for using social media in schools…

Share with us the different ways you use social media in your school library.  What platform are you using and how?


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